Hello ladies and gentleman! Welcome back to the one-stop site for any and all news for the Empire Wrestling Federation. I’m Brandi Mendez, EWF’s correspondent coming with the latest results from our Thompson Elementary School debut in Highland, CA. Without further adieu, let’s get to them!

Match #1: Brute Barretto DEF Jeff Stone

In this double-debut match up, the EWF rookies opened the event fundraiser with fierce intensity. Although both competitors had an impressive match, it was Barretto that came out ahead of Stone as his quick offense and “Brute Slam” won him the advantage, and the match.

Match #2: Stryder DEF Chowder

The dark child Stryder took on beloved Bar Room Saint, Chowder. Both men took one another on in a hard-fought battle that left both wrestlers running on high adrenaline for the win. However, it was Stryder’s devastating game-changing “Drop Bottom” finisher that gave him the three-count against Chowder.

Match #3: Sugar Sweet DEF Valiant

Sweet took on Spain’s favorite son, Valiant in this high-octane battle and had everyone in the audience at the edge of their seats. With Thompson Elementary students cheering on Valiant, the EWF newcomer Sweet took the jeering against him in stride as he hit the “Sweet Spot,” debilitating his opponent and gaining the victory.

Match #4: “The Midnight Cowboy, Handsome” Johnny Starr DEF Killa Gorilla to retain the EWF Championship

EWF Champion “The Midnight Cowboy, Handsome” Johnny Starr took on Killa Gorilla. Taking a day off from his “Gorilla 5-minute $500 Challenge,” EWF’s newest locker room bully had a grade-A lesson at the hands of the “Midnight Cowboy” straight from the School of Hard Knocks. Gaining the upper-hand against Gorilla, Starr landed his opponent onto the canvas, winning the match.

Match #5: The A-List (“Top Shelf” Jeremy Jaeger & “The Overnight Celebrity” Roger Ruiz) DEF Nothing But Trouble (“The Rattle from Seattle” Eddie Mattson & “Big, Bad” Maddix)

Reigning EWF Tag Team Champions Jeremy Jaeger and Roger Ruiz took on Nothing But Trouble in a fierce competition that had the entire EWF fans out of their seats and rooting for the A-List. Those fans received their wish as Jaeger and Ruiz decimated Mattson and Maddix, grasping the victorious three-count.

Match #6: Vizzion DEF the “400lb. Monster” Terex

This bitter rivalry was once again ignited as former EWF American Champion Terex and former EWF Heavyweight Champion Vizzion went head-to-head in this heated grudge match. Terex started the attack from behind as he ambushed Vizzion upon entering the ring. After gathering his footing, Vizzion fought back the “400lb. Monster” and successfully defeated his opponent.

Match #7: Sugar Sweet won the 15-man Over-The-Top Royal Rumble

This 15-man Royal Rumble began with Chowder and Mattson kicking it off, with a new opponent entering every 30 seconds. There wasn’t an elimination made in the rumble until entry #15, Terex made his way to the squared circle. Soon after entering, Terex started cleaning out the ring by successfully taking out the likes of Maddix and Stryder. After Vizzion was taken out of the contest, Terex was faced with Starr, Ruiz and Sweet against him. With 3-on-one, Terex was eliminated seconds later by his adversaries. Once the monster was out of the way, Ruiz was by thrown out by Sweet. Going head-on with EWF Champion Starr, “The Midnight Cowboy” was number 14 eliminated, leaving Sugar Sweet as the last man standing in the rumble. After the match, Sweet made a lethal mistake by going onto the microphone and advocating for bullying. Not far behind him stood Starr who got his and the fan’s retribution to Sweet with a huge boot to his mouth, laying him out, and standing against any and all bullying.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, another incredible show for the EWF! Make sure to come back and check us out on Fri., Apr. 13th, when we return to our home arena, The Knights of Columbus Hall in Covina for our “Wrestling for Autism” fundraiser. The action doesn’t stop there, as we’ll be coming back on Sat., Apr. 14th for our “Stop Bullying Benefit” in San Bernardino at The Sports Academy.

I’m Brandi Mendez signing off. Make sure to keep to www.empirewrestlingfederation.com for any and all news EWF. Until we meet again, see you inside the ropes!



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