Brandi’s Corner for May 16, 2012

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Empire Wrestling Federation correspondent Brandi Mendez coming straight to you from my corner of the EWF world, to address some of your thoughts, questions or speculations regarding your EWF wrestlers.

After narrowly escaping his nemesis “The Certified Tough Guy” Brandon Gatson from taking his 15lbs of gold at the XVI Anniversary Extravaganza on May 4, EWF champion “The Midnight Cowboy, Handsome” Johnny Starr has many questions of whether he’s going to be able successfully defend his championship against the “Hollywood Golden Boy” Joey Ryan. Starr’s odds and adversaries are more stacked against him, rather than the few allies that are in his corner. The winner of this year’s Great Goliath Battle Royal, Ryan who beat out former EWF American Champion “Iron Man” Mike Maze for the opportunity to win the coveted championship, Ryan wants his first taste at EWF gold as he sets his sights on Starr. Will “The Midnight Cowboy” be able to take on Ryan and defeat him with all of his underhanded ways in the ring? The EWF fans will have to wait for that match-up. Right now the question remains; Will Gatson come back again and attack his longtime rival, just to make a point? Will Ryan take Starr out before their match-up? No one knows. As of this weekend, Starr will have to put all of the questions, enemies and Ryan in the back of his mind and focus on his next opponent, Alex Koslov. As Starr takes on the EWF veteran, Ryan will be taking on Maze in one of a two main-event night. I’m sure Ryan will be waiting in the whims waiting for his chance to strike at the “Midnight Cowboy,” but we’ll see if the “Iron Man” will let him get that far. After coming in second to the “Golden Boy” Maze is looking out for his retribution and wants to get his grip on EWF gold once again. Ryan better be on his game when getting into the squared circle with the former EWF American Champion, because Maze has vowed to pull out all the stops and will stop at nothing for victory.

Make sure to come out to San Bernardino, this Sat., May 19 at 7pm to see how all transpires between what is sure to be an explosive event.

Until then, I’m Brandi Mendez signing off. See you inside the ropes!


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