Jesse’s Thoughts – June 8, 2012

On June 8, 2012, in Jesse's Thoughts, by Administrator

Yesterday I had a chance to see the new TV style show we will be posting on our web page this Sunday, and I was truly impressed.  Just as impressed as playing an online poker.  It’s a new beginning for the EWF an opportunity for all of you that have never had a chance to see an Empire Wrestling Federation event you now have that opportunity to give us a chance and most important it is FREE you don’t have to spend money to see this . Our weekly events will go up on our web page on SUNDAY.  Our first show will feature Alex Koslov vs Handsome Johnny Starr and more!  Check it out!  Wrestling the way it ought to be. For the last few years we have made promises to our fans that we will be featuring a TV show. Well enough is enough, instead of depending on others we are doing it ourselves. Thanks to a great team of people that care enough to get involved in this project and most important to make it a reality. Our wrestlers, referees and over all staff who believe in the dream and the future of the Empire Wrestling Federation.  This is going to be a total game changer!


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