Jesse’s Thoughts – February 22, 2013

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After finding this old EWF Empire Wrestling Federation footage put together by  it made me remember those EWF wrestlers we had back then.

It made me realize how proud they made me then and still proud of them now to have had the pleasure of training them, and having them be a part of my life. Watching the action of those I taught and the excitement of those fans reminds me that nothing really has changed. Our EWF fans now still have the same excited time at our events as those in the past. The wrestlers we have trained now are giving our fans the same quality of excitement our old fans were given then. The truth of it is that a few of our old fans are still following us now.

I sometimes run into our old fans while I am out and about and they tell me stories how when they were young their parents would take them to our events either at the Boys and Girls Club or the old San Bernardino, and it’s rtruly amazing how they have not forgotten the names of those wrestlers we had back then. They remember names such as Cruiser Eddie Williams, Dick Danger,  Krazy K C, The Cubanitos, Rico Constantino, Mr. Quick, Big Q, Louie Spicoli, Irish Assasin, Tim Patterson, Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Love, Iceman John Black, and so many others come to their mind as if it was yesterday, with stories for each one they mention.

Im very proud of our talent then as well as talent we have now. EWF is about Pride Honor and Respect, but most important It’s about giving our wrestling fans “The Best Entertainment For Their Money”.


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