Jesse Hernandez is the promoter and owner of Empire Wrestling Federation. Jesse takes pride in entertaining his fans by bringing together action packed wrestling events, dealing with various Community Centers, High Schools and Churches and bringing forth clean entertainment for the whole family. Jesse Hernandez also helps former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase with events Ted takes to various Churches throughout the West Coast.

One of the greatest enjoyment Jesse shares with some of his students and wrestlers is the yearly Athletes International Ministries Conference at Phoenix First Assembly of God Church. Where many athletes from various sports gather each year in the month of June. The growth of wrestling personalities is incredible as names such as Sting, “Road Warrior” Animal, Shawn Michael’s. Buff Bagwell, Greg The Hammer Valentine, and so many others participate.

In the eighties Jesse Hernandez, along with “The Great Goliath” and Juan Hernandez, trained individuals such as Bobby Bradley, “Bulldog” Sampson, Rocky Lee Esters, Tim Patterson, Mike Lozanski and many more! Chris Jericho made a special point of coming to the San Bernardino school to personally get in the ring with Jesse, before heading down to Mexico. He knew where to go for excellent training and wanted to improve his skills in the Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling.

Louie Spicolli (R.I.P.) once said that he learned the technical aspects of wrestling from Jesse. Mic Tierney was personally taught by Jesse Hernandez before moving on to Germany and into a WWE development contract. Tom Howard was another wrestler Jesse got in the ring with and personally got him a contract with Mexico’s AAA, where Tom worked as “K.G.B. The Supreme Soviet” got  his start with Jesse as well. Former WWF/WWE superstars Rico Constantino, Melina, Kharma who was also known as Amazing Kong and Awesome Kong was also trained by Jesse Hernandez, Also Marty Elias got his start with Jesse Hernandez and became one of the top referees in the WWE and now top referee for Lucha Underground.

It was Jesse Hernandez who got in the ring with current independent wrestlers such as Krazy K.C., Suicide Kid, Frankie Kazarian, Vizzion, Johnny Dynamite, Ragin Dawg, Ghetto Psycho Big “Q”, Sun Warrior, Moses Grimm, Keiji Sakoda, Los Cubanitos (At one time the AKA The Havana Pitbulls making a name for themselves internationally, and currently now wrestling as Rocky Romero and Ricky Reyes. Rocky a big star in Japan’s New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Ricky with Lucha Underground), Aggravated Assault, Big Q, Iceman John Black, Hurricane Havana, Alex Pincheck who later became Alex Koslov became a big wrestling star for Mexico’s CMLL and later AAA and later to become tag team champion alongside Rocky Romero in Japan, Vizzion, Handsome Johnny Starr, Sexy Starrlitt, Cruiser Eddie Williams, Brawler Bo Cooper, skateboard sensation and wrestler Mike Vallely plus many others that are using the abilities Jesse Hernandez taught them. Jesse has always put his students first and has always had the goal of not keeping them in the EWF for his gain, but giving them the experience and skills necessary to go on to bigger promotions and/or opportunities.

In the case of the Suicide Kid, Jesse personally arranged meetings with movie producers got him involved in major projects and a documentary on his life made the rounds at film festivals Internationally. The Suicide Kid, Mikey Henderson, also has wrestled at both WWE and WCW local shows. Rico Costantino’s WWE Development Contract was personally attributed to Jesse due to the training and guidance he provided.

Jesse Hernandez is and will always be proud of his students, regardless of which promotion they’re currently associated with. “Promoting the students and the sport is what it’s all about,” says Jesse.


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