EWF Featured On Switzerland’s Job Swap TV Program

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In der dritten Folge werden nicht Berufe, sondern Nationalsportarten ausgetauscht. Die Schwinger Martin Suppiger und sein Bruder Thomas Suppiger, aus Willisau LU reisen nach San Bernardino in Kalifornien und tauschen mit den US-amerikanischen Wrestlern Schuyler Andrews und Andrew Minafee.

In the third episode, not trade, but national sports are exchanged. The singer Martin Suppiger and his brother Thomas Suppiger, from Willisau LU travel to San Bernardino in California and exchange with the American wrestlers Schuyler Andrews and Andrew Minafee.

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Rico Constantino Needs Your Help With Medical Bills

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Rico Constantino is living proof that dreams are not limited by age, and perseverance coupled with determination can make goals reachable and attainable. Rico can be called an “overachiever”. He graduated at the top of his class in the U.S. Naval Academy, and endeavored in the career of a police officer before testing himself in more physically challenging careers.

He made his television exposure by becoming a contestant on the American Gladiators in 1990, winning his particular round and advancing to the Grand Championship.

In 1998, at nearly 37 years old, Constantino was in phenomenal shape and began his professional wrestling career. He then became one of the marquee names during the WWE “Ruthless Aggression” era, portraying a hair stylist as “Rico”, and managing the tag team known as 3 Minute Warning.

Rico did not stop as a manager, though. We would then use his wrestling talent to become a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and defeating legendary names such as WWE Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Rikishi.

After leaving WWE, Rico would return to law enforcement, and become one of the most respect officers in the state of Nevada.

Unfortunately, the constant physical toll involved with professional wrestling caused severe health issues. Within the past year, Rico has visited the doctor five times, and was forced to stay twice. He has two leaky heart valves and two blood clots, and traumatic brain issues.

As professional wrestling fans, let us rally behind Rico to change this state of declining health to transform into the name of this WWE theme song – “You Look So Good to Me.”

PLEASE donate and share. Let’s show the world how strong and unified wrestling fans can be, and makes these medical bills and health issues tapout.

Help spread the word!



Help Donate to Sabu’s GoFundMe For Hip Surgery

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Sabu’s GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/prowrestlersabu 

This is a fundraiser for professional wrestler Sabu to help take care of the immense medical expenses to repair his left hip. He has also accrued back and shoulder issue, but his left hip has been excruciating over the past few years, and is now left him unable to sleep and with a noticeable limp. His first priority, as it always has been, is to keep entertain his plethora of fans to the best of his ability, so his hip needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Sabu was trained by his uncle, legendary WWE Hall of Famer The Sheik. He has wrestled across the world and for WWE, WCW, and TNA, including but is primarily known for his iconic work while a part of the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) roster. Sabu’s innovative hardcore style was particularly debilitating, but he never once let that stop him from giving his all in the ring to entertain his fans. Now he needs you, the very same fans, to return the favor.

Your donations will be used for Sabu to get his surgery, which includes the following:

– Pre-operational procedures
– The surgery itself
– Post-operation requirements, including physical therapy.

Thousands of dollars have already been spent on getting consultations, X-rays, injections, and other medical necessities to help with his hip without surgery.

Once all medical procedures have been completed, Sabu will attempt to return to the ring. However, until this return, his earnings will cease due to being unable to complete as he has become accustomed to. Therefore, without his loyal fans, he may not be able to continue his legendary career.

Sabu thanks you for your attention and response. This thanks will come in the form of the legendary wrestler continuing to expertly entertain every fan that comes to see him perform.



Hollywood, California – September 6, 2016

Empire Wrestling Federation is proud to announce that their “old school” professional wrestling product is now being embraced by a new younger audience!

SIRKtv, a National Television Network, has become the “go-to” television provider for many millions of young college students. SIRKtv is delighted to offer their most recent acquisition “EWF: Wrestling of the Empire Wrestling Federation” to 57.2 million (and growing) TV homes.

“We’re bringing back old school!” Empire Wrestling Federation CEO Jesse Hernandez exclaimed. “Now people can experience what true professional wrestling used to be.” He paused, grinned, lowered his voice and added “only better!”

Hernandez enjoyed quite a successful run as an “old school” professional wrestler and referee and just celebrated his 20-year anniversary as an award-winning professional wrestling promoter.

Not only is the EWF brand “going wide” in the U.S., but it also appears that the promotion is now going international. A major Swiss production company is in post-production on an EWF TV one-hour special that will soon be seen throughout Europe. A US-based television company has offered to air an additional EWF-produced TV show, with negotiations to be finalized in November. Additionally, a large Chinese business group has approached Hernandez to produce his TV show and to promote live EWF wrestling matches to huge audiences in China!

“We’re moving very quickly now,” Hernandez explained. “Finally we have the perfect team – amazingly talented wrestlers, great people in front of the camera and a ‘dream team’ of experienced and really knowledgeable professionals behind the scenes. Now it’s time to expose the world to quality ‘old school’ wrestling as true family entertainment, presented respectfully, in a fun and tremendously exciting way.”

“To experience our new show on SIRTtv, you’ll have to “check your local listings,” Hernandez added. “The affiliate stations have different schedules.” Smiling widely, he added, “including the 9 stations in New York, 7 in Los Angeles, 5 in Chicago, 4 in Philadelphia, 2 in Boston, 2 in Washington D.C., 6 in Atlanta, 7 in Houston and 3 in Detroit.”


EWF DVD August 5 2016

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EWF DVD July 1 2016

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EWF DVD June 3 2016

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EVENT: Sunday  August 7th / 6:00 PM Start. / Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International
LOCATED: 2700 Little Mountain Drive Building F
ADMISSION: $10.00 Donation
First 200 Students in attendance will receive a Backpack and School Supplies

Contact: Dr. Jamail D. Carter, jamail.d.carter@gmail.com, 909-936-0207 Direct
Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International Partners with the Empire Wrestling Federation for Local Students
SAN BERNARDINO: Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International in San Bernardino has recently partnered with the Empire Wrestling Federation to present 2016 Freedom Slam. This event will be held on August 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International located at 2700 Little Mountain Drive, Building F, San Bernardino, CA 92405. The first 200 students in attendance will receive backpack and school supplies courtesy of Greater Blessings Christian Academy. The goal of this event is to send students back to school with the supplies and resources needed for a successful 2016-2017 Academic Year. “Education is important to both the community and economic development of our region,” said Dr. Jamail D. Carter, Senior Pastor. “Our local area students deserve our support and investment in their potential.”
“This summer will mark the fourth year in which Greater Blessings has sent local area students back-to-school with supplies and resources needed for success,” noted Jesse Hernandez, Empire Wrestling Federation Promoter. “We wanted to partner with them once again to do our part in building a stronger community.”
“Freedom Slam will be a night of wholesome family entertainment,” noted Carter. Parents are invited to bring their children out to enjoy this wonderful event. Tickets can be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/freedom-slam-and-school-supply-giveaway-tickets-26291858657  or at the door the day of the event. The donation is $10.00 per person.
If you would like to partner with Greater Blessings by donating school supplies, gift certificates, merchandise, services or funds to this effort. Interested parties should contact Greater Blessings at 909.936.0207 or visit www.gbefi.com.
About Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International:
Greater Blessings Ecclesiastical Fellowship International is a rapidly growing church within the Inland Empire. Guided by our core values of stewardship, scholarship, service, fellowship, loyalty, integrity and respect Greater Blessings has been serving the Inland Empire for three years. For additional information, please contact Dr. Jamail D. Carter at 909.936.0207 or by email at jamail.d.carter@gmail.com.

EWF DVD May 21 2016

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